QPR Instructor Training


Become a certified trainer of QPR’s approach to suicide prevention. Learn how to train gatekeepers at schools, colleges and corporations, effectively empowering communities to support individuals in crisis.


12 Lessons
16 hours of video lectures

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·

This certification course trains instructors to teach QPR for Suicide Prevention to their community.

Participants first learn about the nature of suicidal communications, what forms these communications take and how they may be used as the stimulus for a QPR intervention. To gain perspective, participants are introduced to the history of suicide, suicide prevention and the spectrum of modern day public health suicide prevention education efforts. The history, background and research support for QPR are reviewed.

Participants then learn to market QPR, target potential Gatekeepers, and how to teach the QPR curriculum.

Participants also learn to deal with pent up audience demand to talk about suicide, survivor issues and how to make immediate interventions and referrals. Each participant has the opportunity for individual rehearsal and practice through role-plays.



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