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QPR Pathfinder Training Youth Edition


Pathfinder training is intended to build a new workforce of crisis responders who are competent and confident in their abilities to help others survive a life-threatening suicide crisis and help set them on a path to better mental health.

This version is designed for those working with youth and young adults, ages 10 through 24, especially in suicide intervention roles.


Program Description

Like a college course, QPR’s Pathfinder training is demanding and requires a serious commitment of time and energy. This professional-level course is both evidence-based and evidence-informed and includes training for the following:

  • Basic mental health
  • Crisis intervention
  • Skilled interviewing
  • Suicide risk detection
  • Suicide risk mitigation and management strategies, e.g.,
    safety planning, means reduction, and caring contacts.

This course will take at least 14 hours to complete, plus the time to read a small book. Designed to produce community-based mental health first responders able to deal effectively with people in a crisis of suicide, the training is built upon an evidence-based public health program that has been used to successfully train more than five million people over the past 20+ years.

The Pathfinder program aims to train those in the helping professions, peer support specialists, first responders, natural helpers, case managers, life coaches, volunteers, and anyone working with youth and young adults to become part of a new global workforce to help those at risk of suicidal behaviors.

Following WHO recommendations—and by using the technology transfer of science-based best practices, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities —the Pathfinder program aims to train students in helping professions, first responders, non-professional natural helpers and care providers, case managers, life coaches, volunteers, and those in peer support roles.




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