suicide risk assessment and management traning pro


This interactive course is for professionals responsible the care and safety of consumers at elevated risk for suicidal behaviors in all settings and across the age span.


38 book
14 hours

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·  Rick Reis, MD
Jack McClelland, PhD  ·  Danielle R. Jahn, PhD

Course Summary

This registered best practice training program teaches the core competencies required of professionals responsible for the care and safety of consumers detected to be at elevated risk for suicidal behaviors (not violence). Following foundational lectures on epidemiology, clinical risk patterns, and the current status of suicide risk assessment, clinicians learn how to conduct a standardized, evidence-based guided interview designed to elicit perceived burdensomeness, suicidal desire, intent, capability and buffers against suicide. Data collected is then contextualized within the patient’s current personal crisis to better understand, anticipate, and implement risk mitigation strategies, including evidence-based treatments.

Based on the quality of the relationship, the difficulty of the interview, and the reliability of the data collected, participants learn to make informed risk stratification decisions to determine the level of care recommended or required. Training includes modules on means reduction, collaborative crisis safety planning, managing/monitoring risk over time, documentation, and a skills practice sessions.




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