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QPR for Pharmacists


Before dying by suicide many people send warning signs that they are contemplating ending their own lives. These warning signs can be sent to friends, co-workers, and healthcare providers, including pharmacists. As a professional who may have contact with those considering suicide, your conversation with them can help save a life. Learn what to say and what do to reduce the risk of a suicide attempt by offering meaningful emotional support while creating a safe path to recovery.


3 Expert Faculty
21 lessons
4 hours of video lectures

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·  Rick Reis, MD
Jack McClelland, PhD  ·  Danielle R. Jahn, PhD

Program Description

The QPR for Pharmacists is an expanded version of the basic 90-minute QPR training program taught to millions worldwide. Requiring 4+ hours, this course includes how to recognize and respond to suicide warning signs as they may be observed in your work setting, and how to support someone you find is positive for suicidal ideation. More, you will learn to identify and arrange an expert referral for evidence-based, suicide-specific treatment to enhance patient safety.

Modularized in a rich mix of text, video, voice-over PowerPoint lectures, scenario-based practice sessions, and other state-of-the-art interactive and e-learning technologies, this training program provides a dynamic introduction to suicide risk detection, initial intervention, informed referral and follow up.

A skills-based training, it includes foundational information about suicide as a public health problem, an orientation to the link between mental illness and suicide, and where to refer for suicide-specific treatment.



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