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QPR Screening and Referral Training


Many professionals prefer to screen for suicide risk verbally rather than to use a standardized paper-and-pencil form. A positive screen from a verbal screening question can lead naturally to a conversation about immediate risk, drivers for suicide, the offering of support, and a more informed and successful referral. This course teaches participants how to use the most widely distributed gatekeeper training program in the world as a verbal suicide risk screening and referral tool in any setting for any age group, including children.


15  Lessons
3 hours of video lectures



Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·
Program Description

Modularized in a rich mix of text, video, voice-over PowerPoint™ lectures, scenario-based practice sessions, and other state-of-the-art interactive and e-learning technologies, this program provides a dynamic approach to screening for suicide, risk detection, initial intervention, referral and follow up.



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