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QPR Gatekeeper Plus


This 2-hour course teaches participants the basic QPR Gatekeeper Training for Suicide Prevention as well as basic suicide counselling skills. Participants will also be taught best-practice referrals to a therapist trained in evidence-based, suicide-specific treatment.


13 Lessons
2 hours of video lectures

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·  Rick Reis, MD
Jack McClelland, PhD  ·  Danielle R. Jahn, PhD


Program Description

Modularized in a rich mix of text, video, voice-over PowerPoint™ lectures, scenario-based practice sessions, and other state-of-the-art interactive and e-learning technologies, this program provides a dynamic approach to gatekeeper training that is both engaging and enjoyable.

Participants who complete this course should be able to:

  • Describe the common myths and facts surrounding suicide
  • Identify unique verbal, behavioral, and situational suicide warning signs
  • Offer science-based emotional support to someone in crisis.
  • Recognize at least three suicide warning signs
  • Recognize at least three risk factors for suicide
  • Recognize at least three protective factors against suicide
  • Demonstrate increased knowledge, skills, self-efficacy and intent to act to intervene with someone at risk of suicide
  • Describe evidence-based treatments for suicide
  • Know how to engage and assist a suicidal colleague or co-worker
  • Describe how to locate referral resources and how to access them



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