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QPR Pathfinder Training


The Pathfinder training is designed to create a new workforce of certified suicide care first responders. Pathfinder training teaches willing hearts to identify those at risk early in a crisis and respond immediately with evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions known to reduce suicidal ideation and the risk of a suicide attempt.

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·  Rick Reis, MD
Jack McClelland, MD  ·  Danielle R. Jahn, PhD

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Pathfinder: one that discovers a way; especially one that explores untraversed regions to mark out a new route. Merriam-Webster

If a mental health condition becomes life-threatening, those thinking about suicide need someone who knows the territory ahead and how to keep them safe. They need someone who is knowledgeable, confident, fearless, and skilled in the use of science-based interventions proven to mitigate psychological pain and suffering.

Seasoned by lived experience, some Pathfinders can provide a unique kind of help to those in pain and help them navigate the unexplored and frightening territory of a mental health emergency they have experienced themselves.

Built upon basic QPR research foundations, Pathfinder training was developed over the past several years to address the global shortage of mental health professionals to cope with the public health problem of suicide. Explore a background article (5-minute read) @ A Misery Index for Global Suffering and the Need for a New Trained Workforce.  A second article describing the program is in press at the Journal of Prevention.



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