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QPR for First Responders: Police Officers, Ambulance Professionals, and Firefighters


First responders have frequent contact with those at risk of suicide, both in the publics they serve and within their own ranks. Learn what you can do to identify and respond effectively with evidence-based life-saving skills.


9 Lessons
5 hours of video lectures

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD


Program Purpose

Preventing deaths by suicide may be part of the first responders job, but this training program’s focus is not only on preventing suicide deaths in the community where you work, but among your colleagues, friends, family, and co-workers.

First responders continue to die by suicide at unacceptably high rates. The need for a peer workforce trained and able to recognize suicide warning signs and intervene quickly with safe and effective evidence-based interventions is clear.

Designed to prepare first responders to deal effectively with those in a suicide crisis- and especially their peers – this training program is designed to produce a kind of “super gatekeeper” able to do much more than recognize and refer someone in crisis. Rather, the course includes mastering specific science-based intervention skills known to cool down the temperature of a crisis, and immediately reduce the risk of a suicide attempt.

Through a mix of interactive, robust, multimedia, evidence-based and evidence-informed scenario-based training experiences, participants are prepared to detect suicide risk and immediately intervene with science-based risk mitigation and management strategies.

Following WHO recommendations, and by using the technology transfer of science-based best-practices knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities, the training program targets participants in peer support roles, helping professions, first responders, and non-professional natural helpers.



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