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QPR for Sports Professionals


The QPR for Sports Coaches and staff is intended to help you prevent suicide not just among athletes, but among employees, colleagues, co-workers, friends and family members.

QPR training is a universal intervention for persons experiencing a potentially life-threatening mental health emergency and, like CPR, can be carried out by anyone trained in its use.

3 hours
18 lessons
Taught by Paul Quinnett, PhD
You will receive the access key to the course within 24 hours of your purchase.

Program Authors:  Paul Quinnett, PhD  ·

Program Description

We believe that all coaches need to know as much about mental health and suicidal behaviors and how to intervene to reduce risk and enhance safety as is reasonably possible. To this end, the online program you are about to take is intended to train you in the knowledge and skills you will need to protect athletes from suicidal self-directed violence.

As many coaches have lost colleagues, student athletes, and even family members to suicide, this training program is also designed to help create a safer world not only in our sports club, team, workplace or community, but in our personal lives. Taught to well over two million people by the end of 2015, QPR training works as a universal intervention for all people in distress. Not everyone you may ask about suicidal thoughts will have them, but many people are still in crisis will need help and behavioral health evaluation, perhaps even treatment.

We know that coaches and their staff are in frequent contact with athletes who may at risk of suicide. Learning to recognize and respond to possible suicide warning signs, and how to facilitate a competent referral and follow-up is key to preventing suicide.

What this training program is not:

This training is not a substitute for a college degree in counseling or other mental health profession, nor can it provide the face-to-face supervised experience those in the helping professions are provided in the course of their professional career development. The program does not teach suicide risk assessment skills. Suicide risk assessment training is provided in other QPR Institute programs.




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